Shelia Powell – Psychic Empath


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    Custom design – Shelia wanted a site that used her favorite colors, and that suited her personality. She loves bright colors, especially purple. I worked with her to put together a site that she loves, and is proud of.

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    Online booking – Shelia needed an online booking tool that was easy to use for both her, and her clients. She is able to turn it off and on depending on how busy she is.

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    Contact form – Shelia needed to have a way to contact her clients, so an email form was the obvious choice. We decided to use Wufoo for that so that she was able to access the responses even if she accidentally deleted one from her email. It also allows her to send automatic confirmation to the sender that the email was sent.

Shelia Powell - Psychic Empath

Shelia Powell – Psychic Empath