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I’m Chris, and have worked in the tech industry for more than 10 years, and have a variety of experience, from design to security and everything between. Whether you need a stunning website, your computer fixed, your home network set up, or just have questions about tech, I’m your guy.

I can also help you set up your new electronics, whether it’s a smart TV, Android or Apple TV box, desktop or laptop computer, Apple or Android smart phone, or something else.

I even make house calls in the Wakaw, SK area. If you need my help, we can work something out!

I am also a licensed Notary Public.


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I can’t believe how quickly Chris set up my printer. I tried setting it up for several hours, and he was in and out in under an hour – and it was set up on every computer and phone in the house.


Fantastic. My computer completely crashed and Wakaw tech was able to fix it up just like new. Reasonable wait time and great prices. Definitely recommend!!